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Give me your Skulls

Some new stuffs. First is inspired by a Wolves in the Throne Room song:

Among the Rocks and Roots

And here’s a logo I did for my band, Grey Host.

Enjoy yourselves, bitches.


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Been a while, but I’ve been busy, like usual. Here a few things I’ve done recently.



Acrylic, ink, and colored pencil on canvas depicting a coming storm.


Made this one in Illustrator when I’d just started playing Fallout New Vegas. I’m 100 hours deep and still on my first playthrough. It’s amazing.

Welcome to New Vegas


I’m kind of working on a random comic I call Galactic Viking vs The Space Apes. Drawn and inked by hand, then colored in photoshop. Obviously, I’m not finished, but whatever. I think it’ll be 5 or so pages, I don’t know.

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