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Go to the Symphony or else!

Hey guys, here’s the finished product of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra comic I’ve been working on! Those in Cincinnati should look for them to be distributed in the next coming weeks. Just remember to go to the symphony or else Kang’s gonna smash you.


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Drink and draw #1

So I haven’t updated in a while. Ooops.

Here’s what I’ve done lately, among working on my portfolio, and some pictures from last night’s drink and draw. Also, I’ve been busy with a flier for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. It’s a one-page comic featuring Kang, King of All Apes. It’s for an advertising campaign that my friend put together (he’s interning there) called Art for Art, using artists of varying media to promote the CSO. It’ll be awesome.

Here’s an updated version of that Old Crow drawing I did a few months ago. Colored in Photoshop.

Casey Sears from the Drink and Draw night.

Erock from the Drink and Draw. He’s red.

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