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So I’m going to start putting up more non-goon stuff here, including my latest Architecture studio stuff, starting with this section perspective. I’m really using this as a host for now, I’ll probably explain it more later.


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Almost there…

I’m going to be beasting 5 new Goons! for my multipanel comic class before I print a booklet of all of the strips I have. If you want one, let me know. This will include a special origins strip!

In the mean time, enjoy some Old Crow.

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Hey folks! I’ve been busy with my senior Architecture studio these past two quarters, so I haven’t gotten a chance to post up anything in a while. HOWEVER, I have four new Goons! in the process of being drawn, featuring shenanigans taking place at Cripple Con II. But to keep you guys satiated until I get those up, here’s some art I have been able to complete recently.

Ballbarians! My bowling team shirt design for this quarter, featuring such warriors as (from left to right): Kronan (Eric Lekrone), Skullsplitter (me), Manawar (Drew Manahan), Grogg (Greg Lutz), Ballbarella (Joan Herman), and Red Beard (Adam Stoekle). We got it printed already, shit rules.

some more older crap:
Bear Pope

John Wayne

Sir Youngin

Vincent Price via tablet

But yeah, I’ll get on that Goons soon.


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