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Some things I’ve been working on.

HP Lovecraft

JRR Tolkien

The Dark Tower, a work in progress.

A wild shoggoth appears!



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From last year?

Some excerpts from my exploits at the Clifton Heights Music Festival as my friend Caitlin and I did the first ever Drunk Music Reviews. Check out the whole review HERE.


Dude from Automagik


The Ridges


Valley of the Sun


Skeleton Hands

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Tunes and Brews

Here’s a poster I did for Clifton Heights’ preview show.

And here’s a WIP of a label that I’m doing for a beer I made, which is currently conditioning in bottles:


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Suddenly, a Post!

Been a loooooong time. Oops. Let’s see if I can catch up.

Let’s start with the art/band showcase I had last month. Made the poster:

Ended up selling all of my art:

That’s my wall. Not a whole lot of stuff, but I’m pretty proud of it considering it was my first real art show outside of Architecture school. Here are some shots of those pieces up close.

City by the Sea – First wood burning. It’s a shame that I didn’t get a finished shot of it. I’m a dummy.

793 – Depicting the first historically recorded Viking assault on a Christian monastery/settlement, Lindisfarn.

LAAUUUGGGGHHHH!! – Self-explanatory. Ink and Guache

To Old Grey Gods – Guache and Ink

Father Midnight – inspired by Earth’s newest record.

Among the Rocks and Roots – inspired by a Wolves in the Throne Room track.

Edit: I just realized it was already up here. Oh well.

I’ve been working on some new things for my band as well:

This got turned into a bass drum head for Zac:

We’re also gearing up to record our first full-length, so here’s a WIP of the cover art. It’s going to be screenprinted on a recycled chipboard CD wallet, so I came up with the idea of doing a landscape that wrapped around the entire thing.

And here are some caricatures that I’ve yet to put up:

The Good

Tricky Dick – Part of my Dickwall series.

Moby Dick – Part of my Dickwall series

And lastly, here’s a preview of a Seblasto comic I’m working on:

Thanks and have a great day!


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New things smell nice.

Some more stuff for you guys and ghouls:

A quickly thrown together poster for my buddy’s epic NYE party. My band played.

Here’s the poster I did for this year’s Cripple Con. It was also a rollicking good time.

My dad and I are going to be building guitars as a little side hobby, and I was messing around with ideas for an etsy site to sell them and some artwork. Anyway, here’s an idea of the theme for the store that I’d drawn up and then threw into illustrator.

Aaaaand here’s a banner I painted in guache for the etsy site.


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I recently finished a painting for my uncle’s Xmas present. He’s a Grateful Dead fan, so I figured I’d make something a little personalized.


And here’s a digital caricature of Louis Kahn that I did a while ago but never put up.

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Give me your Skulls

Some new stuffs. First is inspired by a Wolves in the Throne Room song:

Among the Rocks and Roots

And here’s a logo I did for my band, Grey Host.

Enjoy yourselves, bitches.

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